« Timing is the key success factor for any business, be it professional or personal! »


Franck Lhuerre


Why notify ?


« notify offers a completely different working environment from other companies. Here, from day 1, you understand the crucial importance of teamwork. My work depends on the work of my colleagues and vice versa. »

Joana Bento

Technical Account Manager

Today, more than ever, internet users want to be part of the conversation and are eager to respond and react to brands who seek to engage and maintain a personalized conversation with their customers.

The issue isn’t so much that users don’t want to have anything to do with brands, it’s just they don’t see the kind of content that interests them.

Messages intended either to acquire new customers or to retain existing ones must reach both of these target groups at a time when they are most likely to read them, better yet to respond;

yet more than 80% of these messages are overlooked because they arrive at the wrong time. Notify can determine when is the right time.


« At notify, we are an R&D team of 15 developers, wildly passionate about the challenges of AI applications. »


David Martins Gonçalves


Our Team


« What drew me to notify, is the mind-blowing product; it’s truly innovative. »

Claudia Guffroy

CSM Team Lead at Notify

On a more personal note, our team is a neat mix of offbeat talents (there are 50 of us, based on the latest head count), colorful personalities, extraverts and introverts, daredevils, bookworms, and whiz kids. We play hard and work harder, and were brought together by an irrepressible passion for technology … though for full disclosure, we’d have to know you better.

Our main office is based in the heart of Paris, but we have branches in Madrid, Coimbra and São Paulo. Altogether, we’re a fiery bunch made up of a dozen different nationalities, speaking 15 languages, who have covered + 50 countries.

Who are we really?

Well, in this life or another, some of us are fly-halves, others skippers, jockeys, boxers and jewelers, throw in a few guitarists, paragliders, painters, pastry chefs, explorers, airline pilots and oenologists, a sudoku nut and a Rubik’s cube champion, yogis and foodies, economists and eco-entrepreneurs, architects and interior designers. Oh, and one of us volunteers at a kennel… More Guardians than Avengers, we’re creative minds that come from all corners of the tech galaxy and the reason why Notify, like its crew, thinks slightly differently, and will push the limits of innovation to new frontiers, and then beyond.

Where we make a difference

One Team

We are a team of passionate, ambitious and close-knit entrepreneurs. Each project is everyone’s project: we build together and bring down obstacles together.


We aim high and dream big, which for our customers translates as constant improvement in performance and for our team as continuous development and honing of skills.

Quality First

Perfectionists at heart, we’re committed to flawless execution. We believe in innovation that’s radical but not rash, in racing forward but not rushing into anything, and we deliver safe, certified, and compliant products.