notify sprung from one, simple idea: Timing is everything.

It’s true for standup, for romance, for thrillers…and it’s also true for the relationship you have with your customers. Timing is a deal maker or breaker. One ill-timed event can have irrevocable consequences, shattering a relationship because it communicates your lack of consideration for whomever you’re trying to engage a conversation with. It’s no less disrespectful than bluntly interrupting them signaling how little you’re paying attention.

On the other hand, perfect timing shows your understanding of the customer, and the priority you give to their user experience. It’s the guarantee of a reciprocal relationship built on respect on your part and trust on their end.

In the context of digital transformation, connecting us 24 hours a day and flooding us with information, time is a precious commodity, one that is becoming especially scarce. More than ever, time is money, and wasted time translates as wasted effort and resources. Notify detects the specific moment when your customer is most willing and ready to engage with your content, read it, share it and better yet, reply to you because of it. It then immediately triggers the sending of your message from your own CRM. This means your message reaches the recipient at the right time, on their preferred channel, at the moment of maximum receptivity.

No more unwelcome mass mailings that cause customer exasperation. Your messages are spread out over time in a personalized way, increasing the odds of creating a lasting exchange between you and your customer.



« Our open rate has more than doubled in a year »


Clément Guérin

Head of Digital Marketing
at MisterFly

Perfecting Technology Down to a “T”

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Our commitment to timing reflects an innovative vision of technology that is based on three fundamental principles:


notify creates a lasting conversation with your customers by simply sending your messages at a time that is right for them, and therefore best for you. No more, no less.


You don’t have to do anything. notify seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM. Our team is here to support you and our Customer Success Officer monitors performance and makes the necessary optimizations over the ensuing months to attain your set objectives.


Through real- time inferencing, we can home in on the “Best time to push, email or call” in a way that is personalized according to customer typology and activity, resulting in what we’ve established as “the perfect timing”. And it’s perfect for a reason: it leads to an increase in conversion rate ranging from 40 to more than 60%.

Marketing technology means harnessing the full power of an efficient tool to enhance two things: brand reputation and sales growth. You can’t have one without the other. Our KPIs are therefore built to maximize your ability to communicate with your customers as well as to facilitate and extend a healthy, chosen and trusted relationship with them. The longer this relationship lasts, the more your gain value in the eyes of your customers.

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« We signed a partnership agreement to give our clients the best timing in their outbound call strategy »

Sébastien Legros

Head of Digital Solutions
at Téléperformances