One small step for your CRM. One giant leap for your ROI

Gaining a clear and relevant understanding of the traffic that takes place on billions of websites is a daunting task for brands today.

Notify’s technology consists of powerful algorithms, combining machine learning, artificial intelligence and real time.

Our technology cross-references brand databases in real time with the activity of 20 million unique monthly profiles across all major audience hubs.

We run predictive analysis of a prospect or client’s typical navigation to determine their moment of maximum receptivity. A message is then dispatched either by e-mail, push notification or an outgoing phone call based on the anonymous characteristics defining a user’s browsing activity.

Agile by design, Notify easily and quickly adapts to different infrastructures, natively integrating with all main CRM systems, taking less than a month to roll out.

Our vision of innovation is both incremental and disruptive. While our tool won’t disrupt your existing environment, it will radically transform your results.



« Timing is key, it allows us to limit churn by requalifying 70% of our inactive base »

Farah Boutaba

Head of CRM
at Bazarchic

Technology made simple (by way of complex and accomplished research)



« notify has been able to adapt to our specific segmentation characteristics in order to work on several million profiles with relevance and success »

Jérome Caldera

Head of Operations and Partnerships
at Prisma Media

There’s no point in doing AI, if AI is ultimately pointless. That’s why we only came to it in a second phase, aware that machine learning could sharpen further the performance reached by real-time data processing. If a customer opens their door at seven o’clock in the morning and you offer them wine and cheese instead of coffee and croissants, chances are they’ll slam it in your face.

For the best moment in a vacuum to become the right, relevant moment in context, it has to be determined by notions of time period, product and person typologies… These notions can be processed and assessed by an AI, namely machine learning, trained to incorporate sliding data which increases customer transformation indicators by up to 35%. We add external contextualization data to further optimize the quality of our predictions.

We model more and more qualitative information to deepen our understanding of when “when” is right.

This way, our technology couples real-time inferencing and AI to arbitrate the optimal time to send.In other words, you say productive, we say predictive.

Real Time

Real-time processing of data drawn from your customers’ activity on our partner sites and then dipatching a message on their preferred channel.

Right time

The message is sent at a time that matches their expressed interest and availability thanks to machine learning.

Best time

The customer who receives the message in a non-invasive way is satisfied, and your KPIs are looking up.


« As part of our partnership, we developed a connector enabling native integration of Notify’s tool in all versions of Adobe Campaign »

Estelle Corre

Head of Marketing Activation
at Epsilon

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