What if it was all just a question of timing?

OUR mission :
To secure and perpetuate your Customer relationship through timing.


notify˙ is a unique technology, natively integrated on 90% of the CRM platforms,
which allows you to trigger at the precise moment when your client is available :

  • your newsletter
  • your push notification
  • your outgoing call

Seamless API integration with all major CRM platforms.

An AI-powered Customer Engagement solution that feeds real-time insights into your Business Intelligence while enhancing your customer relationship.

A time-tested methodology implemented, overseen and aligned to your objectives by our Customer Success Officer.

Customer Testimonials

« Timing is key, it allows us to limit churn by requalifying 70% of our inactive base »

Farah Boutaba

Head of CRM
at Bazarchic

« notify has been with us for two years, helping us dispatch our messages at the right time. »

Guillaume Rouby

Head of Marketing
at BackMarket

« notify has been able to adapt to our specific segmentation characteristics in order to work on several million profiles with relevance and success. »

Jerome caldera

Head of Operations and Partnerships
at Prisma Media

Innovation that is simple, agile and results-driven

drives customer engagement by combining three key factors:


Sending your message
at the right time

Our solution stemmed from a single, simple observation: More than 80% of messages sent by brands to their target audience are ignored. The waste is huge, while the stakes are high. The fact is, given the swarm of messages inundating our lives, people are less and less likely to even notice the information they’re actually interested in. Our promise is as simple as its premise:

We make sure you communicate with each and every one of your customers at a time that is right for them and therefore best for you.


Seamless integration with your tech environment,
swift adaptation and easy adoption

notify’s technology relies on powerful algorithms, machine learning capabilities and real time analytics. It has been tried and tested over several years and is GDPR compliant. Intrinsically agile, it is designed to adapt to different environments and to integrate swiftly and smoothly with all major CRMs.


Guaranteed uplift of
your growth indicators

Our team is always here, ready to listen and to help, and our Customer Success Officer accompanies you over time to monitor performance, react quickly and optimize your marketing strategy and customer relationship. Our solution enables honed targeting, that’s truly personalized according to customer type and  web activity. It generates an increase in your open, engagement and conversion rates.

Where we make a difference

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