Real time & perfect timing

Attracting data in real time across all major media, along with AI and proprietary technology, ensure effective live activation of your content at the perfect time, when the Customer is really available. 

Data and AI-driven, we enrich your brand data and target each individual in real time, ensuring the deliverability and visibility of your messages.


A headless solution, Notify enables the brand-consumer relationship to be nurtured at every available touchpoint, whatever the stage in the consumer journey.

Thanks to our specialist partners, we are 100% multi-channel, using email, push app, web push, SMS, outgoing calls, wallets and social networks. We are developing our future applications around Web 3, Google Ads and the channels of tomorrow.


The orchestration of channels is a prerequisite for rethinking CRM design, always favouring the best channel for conversing with the consumer.

A customer-obsessed approach and solution, serving an individualised and enhanced experience. 

CRM orchestration reinvents loyalty, with marketing pressure managed on a per-person basis, a dialogue with an increased level of customisation and, ultimately, a high-performance, responsible customer relationship. 


Our technology is based on the principle of ‘Privacy by Design’ and is deployed in full compliance with current regulations and each of our customers’ procedures.  

At Notify, we also train all our staff in security and compliance.


We are compatible with all CRM platforms on the market.

Should we be unfamiliar with your system, we’ll develop all the connectors you need to maintain your operational routines and our ability to deploy within a limited timeframe.


Supporting customers in more than 5 European countries since 2022, Notify is stepping up the development of its solutions on a continental scale. 

and is already expanding its 1st party data worldwide to drive our algorithms and feed the many projects underway in our Innovation Lab.


Notify Tools is the tool that you and we share. Our platform for programming and monitoring

your marketing campaigns is intuitive and comprehensive, giving you fresh insights into CRM performance and strategy. 

Finally, our Customer Success Managers provide day-to-day support for all the brands that use our solutions.